Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confession # 8 ...Some shameless self promotion

Not only do I love to shop I also love to relax ! Many years ago someone gave me a microwave heat pack , it was not very attractive and filled with, well who knows what. I decided to create a prettier version using natural ingredients and Bella Posh Pillows was born. Our Spa Pillows are a fabulous, safe and all natural alternative to the conventional heating pad or ice pack. They come in several sizes and in many gorgeous fabric choices, they are also available with or without a removable, washable cover. Simply pop one of our Spa Pillows in the microwave and in minutes you can be relaxing with soothing heat. Want to chill out.... toss the pillow in the freezer and enjoy the benefits of a traditional ice pack without the wet mess . Our pillows are filled with all natural ingredients , scented or unscented and safe for entire family. Stop by our website for more information or to purchase...

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