Sunday, July 24, 2011

Confession # 12... The Great Crate Debate

To crate or not to crate?? Dogs folks, not people (that is another topic,lol). I chose to crate train our dogs as puppies and then got rid of the crate thinking it was no longer necessary. Vinny our 55lb English Bulldog is very well behaved and does not have accidents in the house, why do we need a crate ?? Emergency ? After thinking it over I decided he does need one in case of emergency. Hurricane, fire etc. I do not intend to keep it in use so chose to go with a fold able, suitcase style crate that is very easy to put up. I wanted a plastic bottom tray, not metal and wanted two doors to make life easier for him to get in and out in any situation. I also decided to go with a 36" for his comfort.

Let the hunt begin I first went to the big chains PetSmart etc. since I buy food and other goodies for him at these stores. The crates were a tad expensive for something that may only be used in an emergency situation. We were looking at $70-$120 +tax quite a bit for something that will live in a closet! I went to which I love but the 36" was out of stock. I finally found the crate on Amazon for $53.95 ,no tax, shipped free to my front door. Sweet savings $20.95