Sunday, July 24, 2011

Confession # 12... The Great Crate Debate

To crate or not to crate?? Dogs folks, not people (that is another topic,lol). I chose to crate train our dogs as puppies and then got rid of the crate thinking it was no longer necessary. Vinny our 55lb English Bulldog is very well behaved and does not have accidents in the house, why do we need a crate ?? Emergency ? After thinking it over I decided he does need one in case of emergency. Hurricane, fire etc. I do not intend to keep it in use so chose to go with a fold able, suitcase style crate that is very easy to put up. I wanted a plastic bottom tray, not metal and wanted two doors to make life easier for him to get in and out in any situation. I also decided to go with a 36" for his comfort.

Let the hunt begin I first went to the big chains PetSmart etc. since I buy food and other goodies for him at these stores. The crates were a tad expensive for something that may only be used in an emergency situation. We were looking at $70-$120 +tax quite a bit for something that will live in a closet! I went to which I love but the 36" was out of stock. I finally found the crate on Amazon for $53.95 ,no tax, shipped free to my front door. Sweet savings $20.95

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confession # 11...... Water you going to choose ?

This is a post a year or so in the making... Seeing all the water bottles in land fills and reading about the impact they have on our planet , not to mention the new research on cancer in connection to plastic water bottles, I decided to take another route. I purchased a water filtration unit. I chose the Cuisinart, it is filled with tap water and offers room temp. and both hot and cold options great for hot tea etc. or just a glass of water. Of course I scoured all my local stores and online and found the best price with free shipping on . We were using approx. 2 cases of water a week and several gallon jugs in the fridge. At approx $4 a case and $1 a gallon it was costing approx. $14 a week, and $56 a month. The filters for the unit cost approx. $19.99 ( I found them 2 for $30 on Amazon with free shipping) and last for about 3 months. TIP....I purchased several refillable *BPA free metal bottles and cups all at Target, Wal Mart etc. all under $5. I am very happy with my decision and love the water unit for my family and even my pets ! Yearly savings... $612

* BPA is an industrial chemical used to make plastic and resins since the 1960s. Some research has shown the BPA can seep into the food or drink stored in these plastic bottles/containers. BPA has been linked to certain types of Cancer and other health issues.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Confession # 10..... Extreme Couponing

I am sure by now you have heard something about extreme couponing. Suddenly made popular by the TLC TV show about coupon obsessed people willing to do most anything for fantastic savings or even free items at the grocery store. This show depicts a woman who digs through the dumpster to find coupons, another woman who spends 6 or more hours cruising her local grocery shop for deals before purchasing a single item, and several people who have made it their life mission to have the largest stockpile of toilet paper. After watching this show I was curious to see if I could make a dent in my grocery bill with some coupons this week. Now don't get me wrong the savings these people accomplish are amazing but I wonder if it is worth the time searching for the coupons ( let alone buying coupons online or digging in dumpsters) for what you actually save . I googled coupons for the items that were on my list, and only the items on my list. Sorry, but I don't need 30 bottles of hand lotion even if it is free, these things have expiration dates! I found 10 printable coupons and then checked the Publix ( my grocery store) weekly add for any BOGO's. They had my cat's food on a BOGO :) Total time invested in finding and printing coupons approx. 1 hour. Coupon savings $9.60 BOGO savings $ 7.60 Total savings $17.20. Not to shabby for things I was going to buy anyway. Tip.. check out your stores coupon policy ,some stores double and some will take competitors coupons !

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confession # 9 ...... Splurge Alert

Yes, gals it is another splurge alert... Those Jimmy Choo's may be last season but, your skin will be with you for a lifetime so take care of it. Hydropeptide is a professional line of peptide based anti aging skin care products. Peptides are microscopic protein fragments able to trigger changes in skin health at a cellular level. As a former "sun goddess" I have done some damage to my skin, fine lines and sun damage being a huge problem. I have noticed a dramatic difference since switching to the Hydropeptide line. Cleanser $38, Toner $38, Face ( moisturizer )$98 are all part of my daily routine and Polish and Plump peel $68 once or twice a week. The SPF 30 $40 is a great face sunblock and has a very slight tint to cover any imperfections. I love these products and think they are worth every penny.Only buy from a reputable salon,spa or dermatologist office don't be fooled by discounted product elsewhere you may end up with old, expired product :(

Confession # 8 ...Some shameless self promotion

Not only do I love to shop I also love to relax ! Many years ago someone gave me a microwave heat pack , it was not very attractive and filled with, well who knows what. I decided to create a prettier version using natural ingredients and Bella Posh Pillows was born. Our Spa Pillows are a fabulous, safe and all natural alternative to the conventional heating pad or ice pack. They come in several sizes and in many gorgeous fabric choices, they are also available with or without a removable, washable cover. Simply pop one of our Spa Pillows in the microwave and in minutes you can be relaxing with soothing heat. Want to chill out.... toss the pillow in the freezer and enjoy the benefits of a traditional ice pack without the wet mess . Our pillows are filled with all natural ingredients , scented or unscented and safe for entire family. Stop by our website for more information or to purchase...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Confession # 7 ... battle of the bras

Ding, ding, ding... in this corner weighing in at 110 lbs. with a 32D bra size the "shopper". In the other corner every store that doesn't carry a 32D or charges shipping to get one ! This post is for all the gals who aren't a size 34B - 36C .Now don't get me wrong I love Victoria's Secret for everything else except bras since to order my size I have to go online and pay additional shipping. Frederick's, well yes they carry 32D in stock only it is padded. Really ? Why would I want the girls that high for goodness sake. Target etc. the price is right but ,you can forget it, not a 32 in sight (other than training bras, lol) I love Calvin Klein bras, they fit well and hold up to many machine washings. The price $44 . My tip, go to their outlet stores or Marshall's ,TJ Maxx and Stein Mart often carry the CK intimates. I got these bras for $16.99 at TJ Maxx. Savings $27.01

Friday, April 1, 2011

Confession # 6 ......... Haute Tip

So here is a little tip that can save you big bucks!! You can find awesome deals on designer name brand goodies at these websites... and . These sites offer a "deal of the day" on some pretty amazing shoes, clothing etc. If you see something you like don't waste time , grab it. The deal only lasts until the item is sold out (usually that day or less). The links are to the left under the links I love section. Good luck and happy shopping :)