Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Confession # 5 ..... Makes Scents

Smelling great is a must. I personally love Dior perfumes ( among others) for spring and summer my favorite is Dior's Miss Dior Cherie. The 1.7 oz is $77 at the major department stores. Walking through the mall I stopped at the center perfume kiosk to see if per chance they carried it. They do ! The 1.7 oz was $69 she offered me a discount for one without a box for $59. Tip... if it is not a gift for someone ask if they have a discount for "open box" stock. Your only going to toss the box in the trash anyway. Sweet Savings $18.

Confession # 4......A Girl Needs Her Beauty Rest

Yes, it's true us gals need our beauty rest, literally. For those of you who don't know or have been scared to shop on , this site is fantastic ! I have been shopping around for a new bed for a couple of months and really did my homework. Tested beds in every showroom in town CHECK, read every review on every brand CHECK, priced all the department stores and mattress showrooms for the best price CHECK . This lead me to Overstock....Now this is a serious deal.... Simmons Beautyrest queen size pillow top mattress set , msrp $ 944.00 Overstock $807 Savings $137, hold on wait for it... NO TAX, $2.95 shipping & delivery and I found a $25 coupon online !! So I saved on the tax and did not have to pay a $35-$60 delivery fee. Not only does Overstock ship & delivery it for $2.95 they will set it up in the room of your choice and cart away the old piece of junk you were sleeping on.. fab-u-lous :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confession # 3 ...... Splurge Alert

Ok ladies, the one place you should splurge is on your hair care. A pole recently taken of single men stated the first thing they noticed on a women is healthy hair ! That's right not the boobs, not the butt , HAIR ! I love Moroccanoil products. I use the shampoo $22, conditioner $22 hydrating mask $33 and of course the oil $43 ( lasts forever). The shampoo & conditioner may be a little heavy for very fine hair and the oil comes in a Lite version for fine or light blonds. These products are amazing and really live up to the hype. Working in a salon , I come across a lot of products and these are definitely worth the splurge.

Confession # 2 ...... shoes glorious shoes

Soooo, I love shoes....ALL shoes. I found these little jems for a deal ! Where you ask? Well TJ Maxx of course. These shoes cost $158 at Coach , TJ's has them for $89 . Savings $69 !!

Confession #1 ..... has gone to the dogs

Meet my gorgeous English Bulldog Vinny, how I love thee. While Vinny grew up ,shall we say a tad bit spoiled, he never seems to notice he now gets his goodies on a budget also. So today'sconfession.... for great quality dog "stuff" is Marshall's. I found Vinny's too cute bed, with a washable microfiber cover for $24.99 at Marshall's . This bed sells at the department store for $39.99 . Savings $15.00!!

The Mission .......should you choose to accept it

The mission.... is simple really, get amazing stuff for an amazing price. I have not always been a budget shopper but the economy has forced us all to tighten our belts somewhat . If I have to tighten my belt I would still like it to be a stunning Gucci belt ! As a girly girl who would eat macaroni and cheese for a month to carry the newest Fendi bag I have had to do some research and try out some new stores to shop at other than Saks and my BFF Neiman Marcus. I have learned if you cut back on some items you can splurge on others. Designer jeans with a trendy top, Prada shoes with a plain white tank top etc. So ,here I am still trying to be fab-u-lous on a budget .These are my confessions......