Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confession # 11...... Water you going to choose ?

This is a post a year or so in the making... Seeing all the water bottles in land fills and reading about the impact they have on our planet , not to mention the new research on cancer in connection to plastic water bottles, I decided to take another route. I purchased a water filtration unit. I chose the Cuisinart, it is filled with tap water and offers room temp. and both hot and cold options great for hot tea etc. or just a glass of water. Of course I scoured all my local stores and online and found the best price with free shipping on . We were using approx. 2 cases of water a week and several gallon jugs in the fridge. At approx $4 a case and $1 a gallon it was costing approx. $14 a week, and $56 a month. The filters for the unit cost approx. $19.99 ( I found them 2 for $30 on Amazon with free shipping) and last for about 3 months. TIP....I purchased several refillable *BPA free metal bottles and cups all at Target, Wal Mart etc. all under $5. I am very happy with my decision and love the water unit for my family and even my pets ! Yearly savings... $612

* BPA is an industrial chemical used to make plastic and resins since the 1960s. Some research has shown the BPA can seep into the food or drink stored in these plastic bottles/containers. BPA has been linked to certain types of Cancer and other health issues.